Left to right: Makiroa Ngakaokaoiti, Moerau Leon Luka-Fortes, Valmai Gibbs, Victor Peach.

How it began.....

MKV was born, on a Sunday afternoon at the Mooring Fish Cafe, in Avana, Rarotonga in January 2021. 

M acknowledges Makiroa Ngakaokaoiti, our grandmother from Mangaia and Rarotonga and Moerau Leon Luka Fortes, from Mitiaro and Atiu.

It also represents Masella, my middle name.

K represents our tupuna Taniera Tangitoru, our grandmother's grandfather, a taunga of carving on Mangaia. Representing the double K motif he put on his carvings.

V acknowledges Valmai Gibbs our grandmother from Scotland and Victor Peach from England and Ireland. 

Vaerua Ou, means new spirit, as on our journeys our spirit is ignited and sparked.

Art here, is a combination of life experiences, ideas and thoughts about the world. I was born and raised in South Auckland , Aotearoa New Zealand and after high school went to University for a couple of years. Moved to Australia in 1994 and worked up and down the East Coast in hospitality.

During this time I discovered VCM Vibrant Celestial Meditation; founded by Sri Bhai Sahib Ji. Bhai Sahib interpreted a dream I had to study medicine and our grandparents also passed away.

In 2003 I went to medical school and have worked in the field for 14years.

Hope you experience something here that moves your soul.