Tatau in the Pacific

 Due to the misuse of Christianity for the process of colonisation , many people believe our people never had tatau or liked tatau. This is our grandmother's grandfather:

" The patterns of the painted markings visible on the hull were made by Tangitoru and are said to duplicate tattooed markings on his own body."

Nov 6th -Nov 19th 2021 Gallery Tavioni

 "... The creations are Divinely guided and she uses a number of mediums to create, acrylic paint, pencil, on board and canvas. Her work reflects, spirituality transcends time and space. "

3 staff Nov 2021

Te Ara June 2021

After climbing Te Manga Jan 2020
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     Climate Conscience

Climate Conscience
- framed with driftwood

We are at a pivotal time in humanity, a climate crisis, leading to a shift in consciousness. We need to look after mother earth. Our tupuna say no, to the desecration of Tangaroa.