About these works:

Nov 6th -Nov 19th Gallery Tavioni

" Creativity has been a part of her life's journey providing an outlet for expression. It has been enhanced in the last 23yrs after starting Vibrant Celestial Meditation.

The collection of works comprises of symbols that appear in free flow surrender and represent connection to the lands and people of which she comes from, despite being physically in another place.

These symbols have appeared throughout her life in her creations, without a knowing of what they are until a later stage. A painting included, is the drawing of 3 staff, which were done in Aotearoa, 1 week after climbing Te Manga, Rarotonga in January 2020. At the time it was unknown these were staff and why they were placed at the top of her maunga drawing. A late discovery in June 2021, a year and half later, the same staff were found at the Te Ara Museum entrance on the wall, representing the ariki and mata'iapo of Rarotonga.

The creations are Divinely guided and she uses a number of mediums to create, acrylic paint, pencil, on board and canvas. Her work reflects, spirituality transcends time and space. " 

3 staff Nov 2021

Te Ara June 2021

After climbing Te Manga Jan 2020
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1. Climate Conscience

2. Stones top and my brother bottom ( video)

1. Climate Conscience
- framed with driftwood

We are at a pivotal time in humanity, a climate crisis, leading to a shift in consciousness. We need to look after mother earth. Our tupuna say no, to the desecration of Tangaroa.

2. Stones

In 2001 a friend was travelling Europe and the United Kingdom and was heading to Aotearoa for a visit. I decided to do a drawing as a gift for her, and these stone like circles appeared throughout the piece. When she arrived she gave me a gift, which was a piece of stone from her travels that was exactly the same as the drawing I had done on the other side of the world. It was millions of years old.