Vibrant Celestial Meditation

" Our final goal is to be completely free of any bondage. This also includes spiritual bondage." - Bhai Sahib Ji.

We have been fortunate to learn from our teachers Kirpal Singh, known as Sri Bhai Sahib Ji and Dr Kanwal Jit Singh, both whom have passed on, an easy and effortless meditation.

Some links provided about the meditation and we also have a group in the Pacific that meditates on Wednesday evenings at 2023pm

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Disappearing in the Presence of the Divine 

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I never grew up in a religious household (although my parents and brother now go to church)  and I didn't grow up learning about spirituality, chakras, meridians etc.

However in our mother's line, tupuna from 4 different lines, were taunga, ariki and mataiapo.

Our grandmother's grandfather in the Mangaian line, Taniela was a taunga master carver. His grandfather was Numangatini an ariki who prophesied the arrival of the missionaries from dreams. His wife was the niece of Teava (also our mother's name) who was a mataiapo of Arai Te Tonga marae in Rarotonga.

On our Mitiaro side we come from the Tou ariki family and on our Atiu side, Aketairi (both her husband's 1st Akaina from daughter Paruarangi and 2nd Taura from son Ikurangi,) an incredible chieftness of the island. When I was on Atiu, someone said to me, "you come from the witch line" and I laughed.

So one could say there has been a strong calling to return to Io, that is coming full circle.

One day I was walking down Smith St, Fitzroy in Melbourne, back in the late 90s, and saw a sign that said "Meditation  for peace of mind." And thought, I could do with some of that. I wasn't actively seeking "God" or answers to life, I just knew and felt I needed more substance in my life.

I spent a week getting a healing from a senior meditator. Like Reiki only we don't touch the body. I felt the energy shifts. I always felt lighter after each session. It was done for free and the couple who did it said lots of  energy not only from this life but many before was being removed. 

At the end, I attended a small seminar. Its been 24 years and I haven't looked back. This meditation changed my life. It has been the solace, the rock,  the constant,  The connection to Io via this meditation is solid.

I am grateful to have learnt so much personally from Sri Bhai Sahib Ji and Dr Kanwal Jit Singh both whom have now passed on.

When we do this meditation, the only way is forward towards Io. Layers are shed. And you are able to garner strength through many storms. It is a tool to assist us in our daily struggles and joys. While we wait for systems to crumble

Indigenous Meditation

As an indigenous, working class woman, I am aware about the trauma from colonisation, racism, patriarchy, capitalism and imperialism on our people and how these are not marketing strategies.
Any form of spiritual practice, needs to have this understanding and I apply this understanding in practice  

Athan, Linda , (Photographer of the cover)  Caroline his wife and Y.C Suen.  Artwork in the background I sent as gifts to Athan and his family. 

       In Search of the Infinite

A close friend and meditator wrote this book. It took him 16 years to write. 

In this insightful memoir, Athan East entertainingly describes his upbringing in traditional Chinese religious worship, and how his search for deeper meaning, along with an increasingly desperate quest to find a cure for his disabled daughter, led to his discovery of Vibrant Celestial Meditation.

Guided by meditation master Bhai Sahib, Athan East recounts the life-transforming experiences he has had over three decades as a member of a meditation group in Kuala Lumpur. The spiritual knowledge he has accumulated proves to be hard-won. Honestly, and often humorously, he recounts coming face-to-face with his personal shortcomings, the struggles he had to overcome them, and the profound understanding of his life and his family's situation he received as a result. One quite unexpected breakthrough is that his wife is able to spontaneously connect to higher spiritual beings.

In Search of The Infinite passionately and non-dogmatically explores ideas and experiences all readers will relate to. Major themes include health, relationships, children, money, karma, spiritual awakening and growth, the nature and benefits of meditation, the usefulness of reading the world's greatest spiritual texts, our transition into the afterlife, salvation, the role of the guru, and how The Infinite guides us all back to our spiritual home.

This is a book that readers seeking to understand themselves as spiritual beings will find not just informative but, in places, revelatory. A vibrant personal account of one man's spiritual discoveries, In Search of The Infinite offers illuminating insights into how we may live spiritually in the modern world."

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